raising teenagers

Having and raising teenagers is a challenge unto itself.

This is something that all parents of teenagers will readily accept.

The nature of teenagers, being neither children nor adults, makes it very difficult to handle them.

This midpoint of childhood and adulthood calls for innovative ways to deal with them.

There are several ways in which this can be achieved.

Some of the ways parents can manage raising teenagers are given below.

1. Give them their space

teenager girls

This is one of the most important things you’ll need to do when raising teenagers.

Teenagers usually demand the need for their personal space. The more you try to get into their personal lives, the more distant they become.

It is the nature of this age, and has nothing to do with you personally. So work on giving them their personal space rather than invading it.

2. Be their friend, now more than ever

Teenagers are looking for a friend in their parents.

They don’t really want their parents interfering with their personal lives, but they do need them.

If you want to help out your teenage children, work on being their friend, in addition to a parent.

This might make it seem like raising teenagers are a complicated task, but it isn’t. It just calls for more empathy and understanding their changing world.

3. Understand that they will be rebellious

Many parents are turned off when their teenage children start rebelling.

It is just the nature of teenagers to rebel.

It is not that they are inherently evil, but rather because it is their way of breaking free from their former childhood restrictions.

This rebellious phase will make raising teenagers very difficult at times, but will eventually pass.

4. Inform them about worldly hazards

They will hate being advised, but it has to be done if raising teenagers is to be done the right way.

Teenagers need to be informed about the worldly hazards that await them in the future. Among them are things like alcohol, drugs and sex.

These are all known issues to adults, but something very new to teenagers.

Spend some time explaining to them about the nature of these things and how to deal with it.

5. Know and be ready for aggression

agressive teenager

To deal with their rebellion is one thing. But there is the potential for aggression as well. At times, their aggression will make raising teenagers seem rather stressful.

This is particularly true for boys, who’ll be having higher levels of testosterone than girls.

Not all boys will behave in an aggressive manner. But it is an issue that you’ll need to be prepared for.

6. Don’t hold grudges against their behavior

Many parents hold grudges when their teenage children don’t behave well.

This is a wrong thing to do, since they don’t really know what they are doing. They may be partially aware of their actions, but are at the same time under the influence of hormones as well.

Learn to let go of any grudges that you might have cultivated while raising teenagers.

7. Don’t condemn them for their relationships

This is something that can’t be avoided when it comes to raising teenagers.

Teenage is also the time when they start having relationships for the first time.

It may not be the ideal relationship according to your views.

At the same time however, it is idealistic for them, especially their first ones.

Instead of condemning them for it, help to steer them towards the right relationships, and away from bad ones. 

8. Try to limit being a “Parent” like you were when they were kids

This is related to the previous points.

But the main focus here is with regard to your approach towards children. Know that you cannot treat them like children anymore, as they are no longer children. Learn to leave that parenting phase behind, and accept that raising teenagers will have to be done differently.

9. Keep their budgets in check

Adolescence is the time when budgets can go sky high if you aren’t careful.

This is especially true if you are giving them a monthly allowance.

Should this be the case, control their budgets and ask them to give you an account of how they are spending the money.

This will make them hate you at times, but it is an important part of raising teenagers the right way. Not only will this teach them fiscal responsibility but also understand the value of money.

10. Help them out with puberty


Last but not the least when it comes to raising teenagers is the issue of puberty.

This is the age when hormone levels surge and transform children into adults. Given that it is one of the most transformative periods of a person’s life, it will be a rough phase.

Help them out in understanding what it’s about and coping with the new changes.

To sum it up, it should be known that you are dealing with individuals who are neither adults nor children.

This is a grey area makes raising teenagers a very difficult but important thing for you to deal with.

The above and others like it are a great starting point for navigating though these strange waters.

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