how to be more productive

How to be more productive, many of us ask this question! This article will help you to increase your productivity. Time is very precious in life. This makes the personal productivity of extreme importance in life.

Without an effort to improve personal productivity, you will not only waste away time but also potentially set yourself up for plenty of problems.

There are several ways for one to improve personal productivity. Some of the most effective ones are listed out below.

1. Self-Worth

If there is one tool that helps out to improve personal productivity, it is self-worth.

It has been noticed that people are generally more productive when they have a sense of self-worth.

The reason for this is because when people believe in themselves, they often do a better job at whatever it is they are working on.

This, however, comes with the challenge of building self-worth in a person. The best way for someone to build self-esteem is by working on something, which reinforces their self-worth, and which in turn leads to even higher productivity and so on.

Taking a look at this makes it clear that this is somewhat challenging, as it is a vicious cycle to break out of.

2. Self-Reliance

productivity: self reliance

Self-reliance is another excellent strategy to improve personal productivity.

In simple words, it is a way of saying that one out to rely on oneself for everything, rather than being dependent on others.

The way it helps out is that self-reliance helps an individual to get the job done, without needing much help from the outside world. While some degree of dependence on others is required, one can always be self-reliance to a very competent degree.

3. Work ethic

productivity : work ethic

Another way in which one can improve personal productivity is a good work ethic.

Work ethic can be defined in simple words as, the willingness to engage in hard work, over an extended period.  Not many people have a good work ethic in the world. There is a reason why people are hooked onto instant gratification, rather than the willingness to work for something first.

4. Health consciousness

Good health is essential if you want to improve personal productivity.

This is because one can only perform at their peak levels of productivity when they have the health to support it. In this regard, being health conscious is an excellent strategy for long term productivity in life.  Ensure that you take good care of your health if you wish to maintain optimum levels of productivity.

5. Planning skills

Personal productivity : planning

The more you are willing to plan things out in life, the more you will be able to improve personal productivity.

This is because working without a plan will usually lead to an enormous waste of time.

Planning things out, on the other hand, has the opposite effect, where you will be able to make the best use of your time, in a multitude of ways.

6. The willingness to learn

If there is one problem that drains your productivity, it is your willingness to learn.

Many people like to pretend like they know everything, which often leaves them in a position where they lack many essential skill-sets or value systems.

Ensure that you are willing to learn if you want to improve personal productivity.

7. Learning from mistakes

Learning from mistakes

This is in a way related to the previous point on how to improve personal productivity. But at the same time, it is also a separate one unto itself.

Admitting your mistake is very difficult to a lot of people. This is because it feels terrible for our ego, which wants to convince us that we are perfect and infallible. But as we all know, everyone is human and makes mistakes, without exception.

 Unless you are willing to accept your mistake, you will not be able to learn from it. The result of this is that you will end up with a considerably lowered level of productivity in life.

8. The idea that education stops after school or university

This is one of the most destructive beliefs that one can have when it comes to productivity issues. It is also related to the previous two points.

Many people believe that they stop learning after their school or university gets over. And in an official sense, it is true.

But that doesn’t mean that life is done teaching you lessons. There is plenty to learn about in life, which is often not taught through the formal education system.

What it comes down to is a willingness to learn in life, every single day. If one is willing to find wisdom and lessons in everything, there is much to be learned with each passing moment. Be willing to embrace this point entirely, if you want to improve personal productivity indeed.

9. Celebrating success

celebrating success

To learn from failures is one thing. But in addition to it, it is also important to celebrate victories.

Many people are afraid to celebrate their victories, as it is considered bad to ‘boast’ or ‘be prideful.’

This is wrong. Celebrating successes is a great way to build up self-esteem, which in turn often leads to more significant increases in one’s level of productivity.

Simply put, celebrating successes is an excellent way to improve personal productivity.

As a whole, it can be said that the above strategies are beneficial to improve personal productivity.

Implementing these tips and others like it will not only help you improve personal productivity but also help you in achieving your other goals in life as well. 

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