How to Build and Maintain Good Relationships with Others?

maintain good relationships

Humans are social species.

We live in communities and interact with others on an almost daily basis.

Given that this is the case, it is essential that we learn how to build and maintain good relationships with others.

There are many ways in which it can be achieved.

Some excellent strategies on how to build and maintain good relationships are given in the points below:

1. Understand the nature of human beings

This is one of the most important things to learn how to build and maintain good relationships.

The nature of human beings is that we are instinctively attracted towards pleasure and drawn away from pain.

If you can internalize this one simple truth about people, you’ll be able to deal with them very easily.

In real life, all that you need to do is know that by giving people a positive vibe and keeping the negative ones away, you’ll be able to attract people like a magnet. This is one of the things that make up what is called ‘Charisma.’

2. Know what you cannot win arguments

Most people have the thing called ego, which prevents them from accepting they are wrong, even when they are wrong.

This makes arguing a pointless activity since the only thing it does is create a wedge between the two of you.

3. Try to show empathy

If a time comes when people open up to you about problems in their life, be empathetic.

You don’t have to solve their problems. But be willing to listen to them. The more you are ready to hear them out, the friendlier and open they will become to you. If there is one strategy that would help you with the problem of how to build and maintain good relationships, this would be it.

4. Learn the secrets of behavior modification

Behavior modification is a way of teaching people how to behave.

It works on the principle of reinforcement, where people are trained to behave by ‘reinforcing’ desirable behavioral patterns.

Called the ‘Carrot & Stick’ model, it relies on a series of rewards and punishments. In simple words, you reward people when they display good behaviors and punish them they engage in bad ones. If done over a long period, often to the tune of about a month, you will be able to reinforce certain behaviors. This is one of the oldest answers to the question of how to build and maintain good relationships.

5. Never try to help someone if they don’t want to be helped

We may feel the need to help as many people as possible.

But it is vital that we resist the impulse. The reason for this is because most people don’t want to be helped. They don’t even like to be told that they need help.

So if you are interested in helping people, only help those who are willing to help themselves. If they don’t ask you for your help, don’t give it to them.

6. Find out what the other person is interested in

Most people generally care about themselves more than others. In other words, they don’t care about the needs of others.

This is the sad truth about the world we live in. But you can use it to your advantage. If you can figure out what interests them, you’ll be able to get along with them easily.

This happens to be a very important word of advice by Dale Carnegie as well, who stated that you need to talk to others concerning what they are interested in.

Done right, it should help you out with the subject of how to build and maintain good relationships.

7. Never force people to do something

You cannot force people to do anything.

So don’t try to. This is not a good strategy regarding how to build and maintain good relationships.

Instead, learn the art of persuasion and make them want to do it.

Persuasion works if you do it right.

And if you do it right, they will happily do whatever you want them to do, rather than being regretful of it.

8. Don’t expect anything from people

The more you expect from others, the more you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

This is true for almost everyone, including your family members in some cases. Keep this in mind and work on getting rid of any expectations from people.

It is necessary to do because the more you expect from others, the more likely will be the possibility of a misunderstanding.

9. If you have conflicts, and you will, be diplomatic

There is always going to be conflicts in your interpersonal relationships. This is a given and cannot be avoided.

What can be avoided are negative fallouts due to the conflicts. Try to be diplomatic when there are conflicts, instead of directly fighting with them.

If you want to avoid negative fallouts from conflicts, this strategy on how to build and maintain good relationships would be it.

10. Expect mistakes from them

They are not perfect beings and will make mistakes now and then.

Nobody is immune to making mistakes in life. But if you don’t know how to deal with these mistakes, you will set yourself up to conflict.

The way to deal with this is to expect that the people will make mistakes in their life, and not be surprised when they do. In simple words, know that people are mistake-prone by nature and that they will mess up, sooner or later.

In all, these are excellent strategies regarding how to build and maintain good relationships with other people.

There are many more strategies as well that will help you with your goals.

Done right, it should help you in effectively dealing with people.

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