Career Development – Attaining Your First Job & Gaining Work Experience

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If there is one thing that is very important in one’s life, it is career development.

It is considered as one of the principal hallmarks of successful adulthood.

And there are many ways in which this can be achieved.

One of the most important ones happens to be getting your first job and gaining experience. Some of the best tips to achieve this part of career development are given in the list of points below.

1. Apply for internships


This is perhaps one of the best things that you can do, to gain work experience.

One of the most common complaints that people have about their first job is getting it. Most employers want someone with experience. But to gain experience, you need to get a job. 

This is one employment barrier that makes it very difficult for the average job seeker to get that first job.

One of the best ways to break the cycle is applying for an internship. While an internship is not exactly a job, it is a way to gain work experience.

You could say that it is as good as working at a real job since it helps applicants to attain real-life experience before they get their jobs. Also to note here is that many employers consider internships to be equal to full-time employment. In simple words, internships are great for career development.

2. Don’t look at the salary

The first paycheck will always be meager for most people.

It doesn’t matter how good your grades were. Most employers are not willing to pay much for a fresher.

You will need to gain at least a year’s worth of experience before you can start negotiating your salary.

This is important to understand because employers often hesitate to hire freshers who try to ‘negotiate’ their salaries. Therefore, ignore the salary as much as you can if you are interested in career development.

3. Don’t bother about the company

Company reputation

Another thing to keep in mind is to ignore the company you are working for.

As long as it is a legally registered company, you are good to go.

This is because your first goal is to gain that first job, in the field of expertise that you’ve chosen. So forget about the big multinationals and settle for whatever job you get in your chosen field. You can always change your company later to further your career development.

4. If your college offers campus placement, go for it

Many colleges offer campus placement to its students.

If your college offers one, go for it. You will usually get excellent recruiters coming in to hire freshers, year after year.

This is a great chance to snap up that very-difficult first job. Try to use this opportunity to further your career development, as much as you can.

5. Be willing to relocate

Job relocate

You will probably have to do a bit of relocating when you get your job.

Not all jobs will be located at your place of residence. On the contrary, you will probably need to do a bit of moving around, from your place of stay to that of your work.

Therefore, be willing to relocate to further your career development. Simply put, your first job is not always going to be a stone’s throw away from where you live.

6. Start applying for several jobs

If there is one thing that you should know about career development, it is the way hiring works.

 Not every job you apply for is going to hire you. On the contrary, you will probably be rejected multiple times before you finally get selected.

Keep this in mind when you start applying for a job. Send in your applications and resumes to multiple positions. This will ensure that you get at least one.

7. Endure your first few years

This is one of the most underrated strategies for career development.

Many people quit because they are unable to take the workload. But that’s just part of how things work.

Working at a job without enduring the stress is impossible. There is a great deal of work to be done at almost all companies, which makes it very important that you learn to endure. What this means is that you’ll need to learn how to work hard, for an extended period every day and often with few breaks.

Career ladder

8. Jump up the career ladder as soon as you can

There is only so much career development you can gain by working at a single job.

Once the learning phase is over, you’ll need to start focusing on moving up the career ladder, if your extra working experience is to be of use to future employers.

Moving up the career ladder fast is an excellent way to achieve career development. The faster you move up the career ladder, the quicker you will be able to gain the skills and other necessary experience required, to make yourself valuable to an employer.

In all, the above list of points is some of the best strategies to go for, when it comes to career development.

They will not only help you to get started in the career world but also help you to grow in it.

Done right, they will prove to be helpful concerning your career development, for a long time in life.

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